Touch It. Think It. Drink It.

Your Health

Naturally maintain your health and well-being with copper infused water. Drinking from a copper vessel helps to build a strong immune system. It produces much needed antioxidants – nature’s way of fighting damaging free radicals. 

Copper enriched water improves digestion, helping to increase energy levels and aid weight loss. With copper being one of Earth’s natural anti-inflammatories drinking it on a daily basis will also help ease pain and aid recovery.


Your Water

Hydrate yourself the way Mother Nature intended. Copper is a natural material and has been used by our ancestors for thousands of years. It infuses water with positive health properties, sterilizing it and removing harmful bacteria. All of this without using any harsh, man-made chemicals. Copper alkalizes and re-mineralizes the water helping to naturally balance your body’s pH levels.

Your Mind

The mind is our most powerful tool. You can manifest control, strength and health using just your mind. The 7 crystals, each resonating with a specific human emotion, encourage you to focus and re-center. Using our mantra, touch it, think it, drink it with every sip you can bring balance to your mind and body.


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