About My Copper Cup

In pursuit of personal health, our journey through Ayruvedic medicine showed us the true connection we have with water. A major part of our body is water and it nourishes us daily.

As we have such a close relationship with water it led us to the natural conclusion that we need to treat that water with love and reverence in order to cultivate it into wellbeing.

From close observation of water we noticed that if you treat it with love and respect its structure changes.  When we put love into the food we make and the water we drink it lifts the quality. This is the reason why Mum’s cooking always tastes so good!

We at My Copper Cup are on a mission to create vessels that allow us to center ourselves and put love into the water we drink and use in our homes. 

We hope My Copper Cup and Ayurvedic medicine can have a positive impact in your home.

My Copper Cup Team

Touch It. Think It. Drink It.