Who we are?

We use the energy contained from sacred geometry, healings crystals and the health properties of copper.

Why we use these 3 energry systems?

  1. Sacred geometry starting from a singular point, it grows into a complex reoccuring design forming a beautiful pattern. This is much like how our universe was created from one atom, protons and electrons reoccuring giving us the beauty of life we have today. As we stare at the central point it reminds the viewer that we come from simple infinite beginings.
  2. Healing crystals are formed deep within the earths crust under thousands of years of immense pressure and volcanic heat. These intense conditions create beautifuly structured crystals that arrange themsleves in a very stable structure. This stable structure is like nothing else on earth. We use this property to bring in health and stabilty within the body.
  3. Copper has been used for atleast 2000 years in the ancient natural healing doctrine of Auryvedic medicine. Copper has many health properties. One of these is being incorperated into modern medicine for healing joint pains with copper bands.

We combine these ancient energy systems to introduce health, beauty and practical products for your home.



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