Fluoride Water Filter

10L Pure Copper Water Fluoride Filter & Dispenser with precious gemstones set in pure silver.


Ayurveda Wellness Copper Water Filter Tank 7 Crystals

Fluoride Water Filter

10L Pure Copper Water Fluoride Filter & Dispenser with precious gemstones set in pure silver.


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This 10L copper water dispenser is the most stylish way to filter fluoride. Antibacterial and antiviral by the very nature of copper, this water dispenser will keep your water clean and safe whilst creating a stunning focal point.

The vessel is beautifully and sustainably made and offers you the health benefits of copper water that has been filtered, remineralized and restructured. These are the three same principles nature uses to clean and revitalize water. We are the first company to put these natural principles together in a water filter.


The filter tank contains state of the art porcelain, activated carbon and metallic silver cartridges all encased in a beautiful copper vessel encrusted with precious gemstones in pure sterling silver.

The upper tank contains double charcoal filters encased in porcelain which remove impurities from your water such as fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals. Click here for the full report After the water is purified it is retained in the bottom part of the vessel where it is remineralized with copper ions. The Ayurvedic practice is to store water in a copper vessel for 8 hours before consumption to get the maximum benefits.

The vessel will filter around 10L of water in 3 hours. We recommend replacing the filter cartridges every 6 – 12 months. Filter cartridges are available to purchase here.


We handcraft this vessel using pure copper. The process of engraving, welding and hand setting each stone in place occurs before the copper is lacquered so it won’t tarnish, maintaining it’s beautiful mirror finish.

This vessel is hand engraved with seven positive affirmations, flower of life geometric design and finished with a hammered effect. It contains all 7 precious gemstones that form the chakra system, set in pure 925 silver bezels to hold the gems to the copper. Meditating using the gemstones on the copper vessel can act as a tool to re-center yourself, mindfully staying present to your emotions, thoughts and body.

Our pure copper water filter allows you to create a unique centrepiece around the water you drink every day. This vessel brings style to your kitchen, dining room or any living space. The copperized water will bring high energy and love into all aspects of your cooking and family life.

Key Features

    • Antibacterial & antiviral
    • Antioxidant
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Collagen forming
  • Sustainably made with pure copper
  • Precious gemstones set in pure 925 silver (read more here)
  • Sacred geometric pattern
  • Engraved positive affirmations (read more here)
  • No plastic/BPA free

Nature Incorporated

Our copper water filter is based on the principles natures uses to clean and revitalize water: filtration, remineralization and restructuring.

The process of filtration.

Oceans evaporate into clouds leaving impurities behind.

The process of remineralization

Rainwater from these clouds fall onto the ground. Minerals contained within soil and rock remineralize the water.

The process of restructuring

Careful observation of the water will show that it now moves in the phi ratio as the remineralisation gives it the structure to form geometric patterns within the water. Reminieralized water can form symmetrical water crystals which are of much higher energy than globular water structures. This is based on Dr Masuru Emoto’s research on water crystals. For more information please click here.

  • Before first use please follow the instructions below.
  • To clean simply apply lemon juice to the inside of the vessel, fill with warm water and let it sit for at least 15 mins so that the natural acidity of the lemon can be applied to all parts of the inside. Then discard this water and rinse the thoroughly.
  • If you wish to clean the outside of your copper vessel, do so using water and the soft side of the sponge so it does not scratch the protective coating that has been applied.
  • Avoid using any detergents or chemicals to clean this product.

d = diameter and h = height

a. Product size ? Base Diameter 14.7cm, Max Diameter 23cm, Height 59cm
b. With packaging – 50 x 32 x 25 cm

Ayurveda originates from India and is based on the principles of balancing the systems within the body. Each gemstone resonates with a particular emotion.

The affirmation to follow when using the vessels is Touch it, Think it, Drink it.

Touch the gemstone that resonates with the emotion you want to feel, cultivate that emotion within you and hold that intention, then drink the water.

Copper has many health properties. It is an anti-oxidant which helps prevent cancer.

Copper has been used as a natural remedy for ailments and boosting health in relation to arthritis and inflammation for this reason people have been wearing copper bracelets for centuries.

Copper water helps produce collagen for flexible and healthy skin and is the reason why copper has been used in beauty treatment for thousands of years.

Copper is responsible for efficient uptake of iron and thus can be used a remedy in preventing iron deficiency and anaemia.

Copper also supports the normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems

Copper helps improve energy levels, improves thyroid health and resistance to infections, reducing cholesterol levels and assisting with digestive health.