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My Copper Cup

Your new mindful lifestyle is just one cup away
Just like I think about everyone I have recently
become more and more aware of the
importance of living a healthy and balanced
lifestyle. A more mindful lifestyle. Ever since I have
passed the big 30, life has changed. It is just as
busy as it has always been, or maybe life has
even become more busy, but I have realized that
without taking proper care of myself I can just no
longer catch up. You know the feeling? Getting
home from work feeling exhausted and drained
from all positive energy knowing that you will still
have to drag yourself to that social event you
don?t even really want to go to. I think we?ve all
been there at a certain point, right? Well, I
decided those days are over. I made a big
change in my life and from now on I will be taking
better care of myself, focusing only on those good
and positive vibes while taking better care of me and my health. Have I become a
more spiritual person? Yes, I guess you could say that. But apart from that it?s also just
small basic steps I try to take every day to improve my wellbeing. Things as simple as
drinking enough water during the day. In this I found my new companion; My
Copper Cup. I take it with me everywhere I go. And not only does it make sure I drink
enough water during the day to keep myself hydrated, also it connects me with my
more spiritual self. It makes sure I keep focusing on only those good and positive
vibes I want to focus on. How? It?s very simple. On My Copper Cut you can find
several beautiful colored crystals surrounded by a beautiful pattern of different lines.
Each and every one of them has a different meaning. I simply choose the one I want
to focus on, for example ?purpose?, ?love? or ?clarity?. I then touch the crystal, close
my eyes, think of what it is I am asking for in this moment and then drink the water
from My Copper Cup. It?s as simple as that; touch it, think it, drink it.
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